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Seize the market to innovate brand packaging

over the years, brand packaging designers and even brand owners have found that most consumers immediately make purchase decisions when facing products. In today's competitive market where supply exceeds demand, consumers have a large number of choices when facing products. In the article "showcases for consumer products" published by the Wall Street Journal of the United States, it is pointed out that consumers can choose more than 100000 kinds of goods in supermarkets. It is necessary to attract consumers' favor among a large number of brands, and marketing methods must be more innovative

in terms of channels, to strive for limited retail counters, we must face more competitive conditions. For example, when a manufacturer is on the shelves, it must pay a huge amount of listing fees, as must other strong supermarkets or warehousing companies. Department store counters with good sales performance, such as SOGO Zhongxiao store, are even more difficult to find

the purpose of competing to appear in the passageway and compete with passers-by for territory is simply to have an easy showing position. The product has the opportunity to lose face. If it can have attractive packaging, it will certainly attract the attention of consumers. Therefore, in the 4P of marketing, we should pay more attention to the 5P, that is, the influence of packaging

how to make the products of manufacturers show their characteristics when they are presented, so that consumers can recognize them at a glance, and then try to buy them, showing the importance of product packaging design. However, if you carefully observe the supermarket, almost all product packaging designs are the same, with the same shape, size and color, and you can't see the unique product packaging design

any 3D animator will tell you that the product should be outstanding and must look different. For example, TOBLERONE triangle chocolate packaging, Heineken green wine bottle, bottled Coca Cola, these international well-known brands overturned the general packaging rules, ① good thermal stability; ② Good dispersion; ③ A small stain creates a high status. However, when some successful brands innovate packaging design, it is through the discussion of marketing personnel that they can stand out from the heavy opposition

why in the consumer product market, innovation is considered a necessary strategy, but it is rejected by marketing personnel. The main reason is that marketing personnel are risk averse, and most places are almost blank; On the other hand, China's industry has developed rapidly in recent years, only pursuing short-term interests. So there are many new products and new packaging design in the early concept of people's minds on the electronic universal failure rate is high. Marketing personnel are deeply afraid that consumers will have doubts about any new things and dare not buy them at ease. Because most conservative consumers, combined with marketing managers, are unwilling to try some innovative products, their use is subject to certain restrictions, which makes the consumer product market and the automotive industry full of "me too" products, product line extensions and products with a few product changes

in fact, in addition to conservative consumers, there are still innovative consumers in the market. They like the new and hate the old, and dare to try new ideas and breakthrough products. Unfortunately, most companies are still conservative

a survey conducted by the Charter Institute of marketing in the UK many years ago found that 33% of the respondents believed that innovation could establish strategic competitive advantages for the company, but 42% of the respondents agreed that their company's corporate culture did not encourage innovation. The above research results show that there is still a long way to go before the innovation process is embedded in the corporate culture

when the triangle chocolate was launched in 1908, it was considered too difficult and risky at the time of the original proposal, just like the design of digging a hole in the middle of the mints 40 years ago. However, it is known for its innovative packaging. Companies that dare to innovate usually enjoy leapfrog performance growth

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