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The LPAI project, the world's first medical and health artificial intelligence super blockchain application platform, was shocked and launched

the reform and subversion of Internet to the medical industry has achieved good results in the past decade. But what is hidden under the appearance of prosperity is the turbulent undercurrent of killing and cutting

it has almost become a global consensus that it is difficult to obtain the electronic health record (EHR) of patients, the separated system, the medical scheme without identification, the intermediary organization without value, the leakage of personal information of patients, the leakage of medical record data, the disorder of medical record data, the difficulty of cross regional and cross hospital referral, the disconnection of data clinical business, the lack of unified standardization, and the inability to access and control the symmetry of their key identities and biomedical information. In order to alleviate this series of problems, the International Health Organization has vigorously advocated the promotion of medical industry informatization and graded medical care

recently, the Canadian LP life code gene M.D. team jointly worked with bat enterprise senior management engineer and international medical and health industry enterprise organizations to jointly build a blockchain medical and health artificial intelligence application platform LPAI

lpai blockchain adopts distributed data storage, through decentralized structure point-to-point transmission, and on the basis of consensus mechanism, it uses LPAI super encryption algorithm to establish a set of tamper proof health big data records and artificial intelligence medical health application system

lpai can establish a standardized, complete and transparent medical information infrastructure, comply with the requirements and facilitate traceability. Using distributed accounting and storage can improve the high error tolerance and error correction capability of medical institutions. In addition, the LPAI blockchain can also provide customizable smart contracts, provide affordable evolutionary models for medical institutions and medical service providers with development capabilities, and realize medical record circulation and prescription verification. It will match the health data closest to the LPAI genome to provide a major scientific basis for medical diagnosis, and will further promote the straight-line rise of the international medical level

lpai platform takes the lead in adopting leading-edge technologies such as smart contract, life gene password data recording, health data asset conversion registration, artificial intelligence data management, matching on the medical chain, health data intelligent pressing the "start" button to start mechanical and electrical energy prediction, big data blockchain application model, etc. especially in winter, it has realized real-time record analysis and application, diagnosis and settlement, high concurrency, second to second Low cost commercial application support capability

at the same time, the LPAI chain realized the capitalization of medical health data model for the first time! It is a strategic supporting technology for medical and health digital assets. Taking blockchain as the core, it has constructed a digital technology system for encrypting health status, and solved the application landing of blockchain, artificial intelligence and health care. To ensure the integrity of the individual health data model, prevent the leakage of medical insurance, solve the problems of value mutual recognition and repeated payment of the health care system on the Internet, form the value transmission of the overall application system of health care, and gradually build a variety of hardware sensing technology records, LPAI DAPP computing health data model, AI big data computing and matching, unified identification and diagnosis of the hospital system blockchain token authentication interface The third-party medical and health service companies use the LPAI chain for unified application services, individuals use the LPAI digital payment and settlement, and the health industry and medical institutions transfer services to each other

lpai focuses on practical applications. The LPAI blockchain controls the detection data at the data source. Through the combination of hardware wearable blockchain products and software apps, it can quickly collect human information from wireless biosensors, genome sequencing and imaging devices at any time, and combine it with traditional medical data to determine all life codes in the basic group of the human body. Life data such as heartbeat, blood pressure, respiratory rate, body temperature and exercise index were detected, 3D model imaging was processed, and recorded in distributed DAPP to continuously update everyone's EHR. The healthiest data model of each person is calculated through AI technology, and maintained through the uncontrolled system: the same model is encrypted and transmitted to medical institutions and third-party health service institutions (requiring personal secret key authorization) for application

lpai chain medical insurance institutions want to design an insurance type for a certain kind of disease. They need to carry out accurate authorized access to users, or medical institutions should set up network expert clinics to quickly connect a remote actual case. By checking the user's LPAI secret key authorization, they will be used in batches on Automotive structural parts; View the continuous detection records of individual data models in the LPAI chain system for a period of time, and provide the most accurate diagnosis and medical advice to another sick user. This is the important application significance of AI Artificial Intelligence blockchain in the LPAI chain! At the same time, any launch of the individual health data ledger will be reflected in time among all participants, so as to provide a more scientific and data-based basis for overcoming difficult cases, which is of great significance to global pathological research

lpai is about to solve the problem of everyone sharing the global medical benefits equally! Provide the best health care solutions for everyone and every family

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