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Watching the 22-year-old Deng Lun perform the affectionate "fox demon" contact and interaction, the romance of gods, produced by his company, landed on Hunan Satellite TV tonight.

since the fire of "fragrant honey sinks like frost" last year, Deng Lun, who took advantage of the role of the fire god Xufeng, has also soared in popularity, becoming a new generation of popular students. For this reason, the new dramas that Deng Lun once starred but have not yet been broadcast have attracted the attention of fans

tonight, A-share listed companies contacted and interacted with sanshang media, a film and television media company under its banner, to produce the large-scale myth drama "Romance of feng301 flexible foam rubber and plastic insulation products" led by Luo Jin, wanglikun and Deng Lun, which was premiered in the Youth Theater of Hunan Satellite TV. Mango TV, iqiyi, Tencent and Youku were launched simultaneously

due to the launch of the hot drama, Deng Lun was also on the microblog hot search list again today. Many friends not only called on friends to invite them to see the romance of gods, but also carefully sorted out a list of dramas he had played to be broadcast

Deng Lun was only 22 when he appeared in the romance of gods. In the play, he plays a different male version of the fox spirit, and deeply loves the female owner xiao'e (played by wanglikun and later became Su Daji). The unique plot setting has become a highlight of the new version of Feng Shen. Another highlight of the play is the love and hate between Su Daji played by wanglikun and Yang Jian played by Luo Jin. With the support of wanglikun, the goddess of plain face, and Luo Jin, the powerful male star, the new version of the romance of gods has once become a hot topic for entertainment media to pay attention to

in addition to the appeal of the actors, the play is also very strong from the producer, director and screenwriter

the A-share listed company contacted sanshang media, a subsidiary of interactive. As the producer of the play, it has always been good at producing high-quality big plays. He has made excellent works such as "White Deer Plain" and "New Three Kingdoms", and has also been involved in the production of collateral dramas. The product has a large theme and a perfect certification and supervision system. It also has profound industry resources and a wide range of distribution channels, and has strong product advantages in the industry

Lu Xing, the director of the play, and zhusujin, the screenwriter, are also the exclusive excellent writing and directing team of sanshang

Lu Xing's director team successfully created the top ten highest scoring drama "crime without certificate" in 2017, and won the title of China's top ten young TV drama directors. Zhusujin is a big star in the domestic screenwriting circle at present. His screenwriting works, the Opium War because they are difficult to be evenly dispersed in the polymer (film), the Kangxi Dynasty, my brother's name is Shunliu, and let the bullets fly, are well known, and are regarded as high-quality film and television classics

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