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Sharing experience and creating success together - Siemens PLM Software successfully held the 2008 Greater China users' annual meeting

China industrial control information sharing experience and creating success together - Siemens PLM Software successfully held the 2008 Greater China users' annual meeting

institutions under Siemens industrial automation business department Siemens PLM software2, the world's leading PLM Software and service provider, successfully held the "2008 s Xinjiang government announced to shut down the production capacity under construction of electrolytic aluminum regulations iemens PLM Software in Greater China" with the theme of "sharing experience and creating success" in Wuhan, Jiangcheng on October 24, 2008

as one of the largest user communities in the PLM industry, the Siemens PLM Software Greater China Annual user conference provides an ideal platform for PLM practitioners to exchange experience. More than 1000 delegates from aerospace, national defense, automobile and transportation, machinery, industrial products, high-tech electronics and other industries came to the venue to celebrate the annual event

mr. yuanchaoming, President of Siemens PLM Software Greater China, said: "by holding the 2008 Siemens plmsoftware Greater China users' annual meeting, we will better understand users' needs and be able to design various applications according to users' needs, so that Siem can complete the test of common needs and achieve a win-win situation between Siemens PLM Software and our users."

in the morning, Mr. yuanchaoming, President of Siemens PLM Software Greater China, Mr. heweike, executive vice president of Siemens PLM Software China Co., Ltd., and the product business manager of Siemens PLM Software delivered keynote speeches respectively to share with you the new achievements, development vision and new technologies of Siemens PLM Software in the past year

Mr. zhangwenkui, deputy director of the Enterprise Research Institute of the development research center of the State Council, analyzed the challenges and opportunities in the industrial transformation of China's manufacturing industry, and pointed out that under the circumstances of international financial turmoil, rising labor and raw material costs, and negative global economic growth, China's manufacturing industry should turn challenges into opportunities, use high-tech and information-based means to realize the upgrading and transformation of the industrial chain, and get out of the dilemma of the bottom of the world's manufacturing industry

representatives from industry leaders such as Haier Group, BAIC Foton Motor Co., Ltd., Xi'an Xikai High Voltage Electric Co., Ltd., China Gas Turbine Research Institute and CSR Corporation made speeches and shared with the participants the successful experience of using Siemens PLM Software

in the afternoon, four sub forums, including automobile and transportation, aerospace and national defense, high-tech electronics, mechanical mold and mid-range application, not only elaborated on the industry digital solutions of Siemens PLM Software, but also shared more user application experience

at the appreciation dinner, Siemens PLM Software presented "product design award", "process innovation award" and "Application Practice Award". Qingdao Haier, Chongqing Zongshen, Guangxi Yuchai, Dalian heavy industry. Nearly 40 enterprises including crane group won the above awards respectively

the "2008 Siemens PLM Software paper" award was also awarded at the thank you dinner. Wang binhou, Liaojie, yangguotao, shichuntao, lichunting and wanghuaqiao won the first, second and third prizes respectively

about Siemens PLM Software

siemens P MIT researchers can create a molecular model around this point LM software is a subsidiary of Siemens industrial automation business department and a world leading software and service provider for product life cycle management (PLM and sample preparation requires specific sample preparation equipment). It has 51000 customers worldwide, with an installed capacity of about 5.5 million, Headquartered in Plano, Texas, USA. Siemens PLM Software's open enterprise solutions enable enterprises and their partners to collaborate through a global innovation network to provide world-class products and services. To learn more about Siemens PLM Software products and services, please visit:

about Siemens industrial automation business department

Siemens industrial automation business department (Nuremberg), a subsidiary of Siemens industrial field, is a global leader in automation systems, low-voltage switchgear and industrial software. Its product portfolio is very broad - from standard products for the manufacturing and processing industries to integrated industrial and system solutions covering the automation of complete automobile manufacturing plants and chemical plants. As a leading software supplier, the industrial automation business unit can optimize the entire value chain for manufacturers - from product design and development to production, sales and various maintenance services

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