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Promote enterprise upgrading through industry exchange and industrial development China electromechanical Expo it is understood that this exhibition will not only have nearly a thousand merchants make a collective appearance, but also show the advanced equipment, technologies and solutions in the electromechanical industry at home and abroad. The organizer will also build an industry exchange platform for electromechanical enterprises, especially small and medium-sized (1) low-density, low thermal conductivity and widely used temperature electromechanical enterprises Eastman, although it has not provided most of the materials used for prosthetics

at present, small and medium-sized enterprises account for more than 90% of the total number of manufacturing enterprises in China. As the core part of the industrial system, the electromechanical industry has always been a "large household" of small and medium-sized enterprises

facing the rapid development of new generation Internet technology and increasingly fierce international competition, how to effectively help small and medium-sized enterprises grow and improve their competitiveness has become an important issue in the electromechanical industry

wangzhonghong, a researcher of the development research center of the State Council, once said at the "2017 first strategic emerging industry development summit forum" that the current industrial development should meet the personalized and customized needs of the market and meet customer needs quickly and accurately. After industrial upgrading, large enterprises and small and medium-sized enterprises will carry out division of labor. Small and medium-sized enterprises will focus on subdividing fields and become single champions, which will drive the upgrading of the development and upgrading of the whole industry

"the industries involved by small and medium-sized enterprises are more diversified, and the parts not involved by many large enterprises are filled by small and medium-sized enterprises. Everyone takes what they need to form an upstream downstream relationship or complementary relationship". Facing the development and competition of the industry, Zhaolong, the manager of Shanghai Chuangming laser equipment factory (hereinafter referred to as Shanghai Chuangming), believes that under the flexible management and production mode of small and medium-sized enterprises, it is the focus on the subdivided fields that makes Shanghai Chuangming, a "time-honored brand" with a history of 12 years, glow with new vitality

nowadays, Shanghai Chuangming's products not only completely replace imported similar products in many domestic application fields, but also are exported to Southeast Asia, the Middle East, Africa, Europe and the United States and other foreign markets, and begin to emerge on the international stage

however, compared with large enterprises, small and medium-sized enterprises often do not have abundant funds. In the face of the high marketing cost of establishing a huge self owned marketing system, enterprises inevitably appear to be "more willing than able"

how can small and medium-sized enterprises resolve the embarrassment of "the smell of wine is afraid of the depth of the alley" when their products are upgraded

"at present, small and medium-sized enterprises mainly rely on B2B platforms to reduce market operation and print out their operating costs through statements. Major domestic B2B platforms such as Alibaba and China electromechanical home are good choices.". According to Zhao long, many small and medium-sized enterprises often choose to use the relatively low promotion cost to put their products on the e-commerce platform and attract buyers to negotiate and purchase, so as to improve product exposure and enterprise sales revenue

in fact, more and more small and medium-sized enterprises have chosen to use e-commerce platforms and other Internet sales channels to achieve marketing development through product "touch"

Zhejiang Oulun Electric Co., Ltd. (hereinafter referred to as Oulun electric slider quality: 200g (standard) gas), which has won the title of "G20 excellent service provider", is a comprehensive enterprise engaged in air dehumidification, air purification equipment manufacturing, sales and service

the integrated sales network established by Oulun electric covers diversified business models such as e-commerce platform, micro mall, non-standard customization and offline sales channels. Using the Internet, Oren electric combines physical sales with online retail, realizing seamless connection with more target customers, and deeply fitting customer needs for product design, R & D and sales

today, Oulun Electric has 5 invention patents and 36 technical patents. Its commercial dehumidifiers have also served many large-scale projects and projects such as the water cube bird's nest and the Shanghai WorldExpo

in the face of new challenges and opportunities, whether it is "giving play to advantages" or "upgrading", it is only the tip of the iceberg in the development path of small and medium-sized enterprises. How many small and medium-sized electromechanical enterprises should develop requires more exchanges and collisions of ideas inside and outside the industry

chenxiaolong, chairman of the electromechanical house, the organizer of the "2017 China electromechanical Trade Expo", introduced that the Expo was held in the hope of deepening industrial exchanges and interactions and allowing electromechanical enterprises to share and explore development experience

it is reported that the "2017 China electromechanical Trade Expo" is sponsored by China News Agency Zhejiang branch, Zhejiang Electromechanical Industry Association, electromechanical home, and co organized by the New Media Committee of Zhejiang Merchants' Federation, Zhejiang capital and industrial development alliance, etc. The Expo will focus on the industrial development idea of "intelligence, technology, green and innovation", comprehensively expand the new space for the development of manufacturing industry, promote the strategic transformation of manufacturing industry, build an exchange and communication platform for electromechanical enterprises, and jointly explore the development mode and opportunities of the industry

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