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strengthen the effect of equipment management

(1) ensure the processing accuracy of old equipment by strengthening equipment management. The machining plant not only completes the economic indicators of leading products issued by the company every year, but also ensures that the outsourcing processing tasks increase year by year and reach a higher level every year

(2) carry out standardized management of equipment in individual factories, comprehensively promote "6S" activities of equipment (i.e. rectification, sorting, deduction removal, cleaning, literacy and installation), and steadily promote standardized production and maintenance of equipment. Make the whole production environment take on a new look, achieve the purpose of daily visual management, make on-site problems more intuitive, facilitate management and maintenance, and improve on-site work efficiency

(3) build a number of high-quality maintenance teams. Strengthen equipment management, require each maintenance personnel to have good skills, and encourage maintenance personnel to continuously improve their skills. At present, there are 7 electricians among the maintenance electricians in the machining plant, accounting for 70% of the total number of maintenance electricians; Among the maintenance fitters, there are 8 fitter technicians, accounting for 3% of the total number of maintenance fitters

(4) around the production and operation objectives of the food industry, the machining plant has updated and improved the old equipment and applied a large number of new technologies and products. In recent years, the tank chain transformation of the zhong200 horizontal boring and milling machine has been completed. The zhong125 boring machine has been overhauled and installed with a grating digital display. After the transformation of the electrical appliances of the zhong160 and the zhong150 floor boring machine, the efficiency of processing the vibrating wheel, one of the three major parts of the shoe pressing machine, which is the leading product, has been increased by 25%. The series of transformation and the application of new technologies have improved the processing accuracy and efficiency of the old equipment and adapted to the needs of the company's product transformation

(5) energetically carry out energy conservation, consumption reduction and technological innovation in accordance with the requirements of building an energy-saving society and implementing sustainable development. Strengthening the internal principle is to improve the efficiency, which is obviously reflected in the breakthrough of machining to high-end technology. In view of the large power consumption of the old dragon planer, the machine has organized personnel to use the same switch reluctance motor speed regulation system for transformation, which saves 30-50% of the power than the original unit. In this item, the four gantry machines can save 420000 yuan of electricity a year

through the innovation of equipment maintenance management system, the flexibility, autonomy and advancement of equipment management have been improved, the effectiveness of equipment management has been strengthened to the greatest extent, and the continuous improvement of mechanical processing capacity and the continuous decline of equipment failure rate have been ensured. Strengthen equipment management lithium battery makes the old equipment in the food industry glow with new vitality and meet new challenges while its technical indicators are developing rapidly. The innovation of equipment management has enabled the old food industry to strengthen its confidence in fighting the market and gradually become bigger and stronger

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