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Strengthen "industry university research" cooperation to help the "13th five year plan" leap in the cloud Jinan experimental machine factory 2017 welcomes your development

strengthen "industry university research" cooperation to help the "13th five year plan" leap in the cloud

2016- various modes can be realized due to its closed-loop control over its service life China Construction Machinery Information

recently, Zhou Rong, Secretary of the Party committee of Kunming University of technology, Wang Hua, vice president, and electromechanical college Many professors from the school of materials and the school of Transportation Engineering visited Yunnei power. Yangyongzhong, general manager of the group company, and yangshaotong, deputy general manager, accompanied them to visit Kunming Technology Center, foundry workshop and passenger diesel business unit, and conducted a test drive of passenger cars equipped with Yunnei power engines

later, the visiting leaders had a discussion with the company's chairman Yangbo, general manager yangyongzhong and other leaders. General manager yangyongzhong first introduced the company's production and operation status, product R & D status and future key work. He said that in order to adapt to the increasingly fierce market competition and enhance the core competitiveness of the enterprise, "industry university research" cooperation is the best choice. Yunnei power will continue to attach importance to scientific and technological research and development, adhere to the road of "industry university research" and cooperate with domestic universities such as Kunming University of technology, Promote the sustainable development of the company

Secretary Zhou Rong thanked Yunnei power for its strong support, He said: "During the 13th Five Year Plan period, Kunming University of technology will also strive to create a 'first-class university' and a 'first-class discipline'. The cooperation between the two sides must be based on the development needs of Yunnei power. It is hoped that during the 13th Five Year Plan period, the two sides can further deepen cooperation and expand the use of scientific research and Innovation: tear resistance, shear performance, heat sealing performance, low-speed unwinding force, release paper peeling force, bottle cap removal force, adhesion strength test (soft) The adhesion strength test (hard) yielded great results. "

finally, Chairman Yang Bo said: "thank Kunming University of technology for its support to Yunnei power. We should unswervingly improve our core competitiveness, especially pay attention to the capacity-building of 'post-processing core technology' and 'independent ECU development'. During the '13th five year plan' period, there is still much room for cooperation between the two sides. I hope you can work together to achieve results."

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