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Taking advantage of high cost performance to seize the mid-range market John Deere launched a strong attack with the new wl53

taking advantage of high cost performance to seize the mid-range market John Deere launched a strong attack with the new wl53

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. Leaders of John Deere China, representatives of local dealers and representatives of new and old users witnessed this historic moment. A wl53 product experience carnival was set up at the offline ceremony. The excellent performance of wl53 products was fully reflected through the demonstration and test drive of the robot. In order to let customers have a more intuitive understanding of John Deere's product quality and international management, an activity to explore John Deere's construction machinery factory was held. John Deere's scientific and rigorous management process and top-notch products that strive for perfection made the audience full of praise, and further strengthened the confidence to cooperate with John Deere

John Deere wl53 loader

insiders pointed out that the offline of John Deere wl53 filled the gap of cost-effective products in the mid-range market of construction machinery and solved the pain points of mid-range loader users. Meanwhile, John Deere's product line has been further improved, which has further established John Deere as a new leader in the construction machinery market. Wl53 has become a model leading users and industry value upgrading by virtue of its high cost performance

"five breakthroughs" achieve high cost performance and lead user value upgrading

wl53 new products focus on the mid-range market. Compared with similar products, they are more cost-effective. They can be called another competitive weapon for John Deere to occupy the commanding height of the market. Consumers in the mid-range market are generally concerned about product prices, use costs and maintenance costs, while wl53 better fits the consumption pain points of the mid-range market in terms of product positioning, use and maintenance costs, and creates higher economic value for mid-range users. Wl53 has achieved five breakthroughs, including reliable breakthrough, fuel saving breakthrough, safety breakthrough, comfort breakthrough and operating cost breakthrough

in terms of reliable breakthrough, wl53 is equipped with a powerful and durable John Deere Powertech engine. With its efficient cooling system, it can provide reliable power even in extremely harsh working conditions. The standard John Deere self-made wet brake axle has fundamentally solved the insurmountable problem of multiple failure points and high failure rate of domestic air top oil dry brake axle

in terms of fuel saving breakthrough, John Deere has better matched the performance advantages of the engine and wet brake axle through the integrated design of the power transmission system, making the wl53 have excellent fuel performance, which also improves the value income of users

in terms of safety breakthrough, John Deere products cooperate with the world's top suppliers to strictly test the quality, performance and durability of all core components. The test standard is much higher than the domestic prevailing standard. In terms of comfort breakthrough, the cab of this model is wide and comfortable, with superior vision. It is equipped with roll over protection device (ROPS) and falling object protection structure (FOPS) as standard, The high-end pilot operating handle and the original imported Deere integrated LCD instrument panel fully meet all the needs of the driver for long-time operation

in terms of breakthrough in operating costs, John Deere high load engine, wet bridge, reinforced articulated structure, boom and frame are used to prolong normal working hours, maximize production efficiency and reduce daily operating costs, and have optimal maintenance convenience

Lang Yun, general manager of sales and marketing of John Deere construction machinery in China, pointed out that adhering to the manufacturing concept of "people-oriented" and the pursuit of high quality of construction machinery and equipment, he is committed to providing efficient and reliable construction machinery products for Chinese users. John Deere is eager to listen to the voice of Chinese customers and make improvements in products and services. The wl53 loader launched this time can make users feel the best equipment performance, the most reliable product quality and the best fuel economy in the industry, so as to realize John Deere's long-term commitment to the Chinese market

the product layout accelerates to seize the mid-range market in an all-round way

based on the deep insight into market competition and the strong demand of mid-range users for safe, reliable and cost-effective loader products, the new John Deere wl53 loader came into being as the times require

wl53 is of great significance to John Deere's layout of the Chinese market at the level of meeting user needs and occupying the mid-range market. Wl53 further optimizes the product line of John Deere construction machinery, which will help to improve the market layout and promote in-depth cooperation among dealers, which will help John Deere consolidate its leading position in the construction machinery industry. At the same time, wl53, which has the advantage of high price, will promote other brands in the loader industry to accelerate the pace of quality upgrading, and will also drive more enterprises to attach importance to and develop the mid-range loader market

customer handover ceremony

as a new leader of China's construction machinery, John Deere keenly realized that the service tide of non-toxic and harmless machinery in engineering has become unstoppable, that is, the traditional construction machinery must extend to service value-added (mechanical and electrical reversal will damage the oil pump), and is no longer a single product provider, but a provider of integrated services. With the launch of wl53 new products, in order to make more middle-end users more convenient to enjoy the real economic benefits brought by Deere products, users can enjoy a minimum 10% down payment and an annual financing rate as low as 3.99% through John Deere financial leasing company, which greatly reduces the purchase threshold and allows more customers to create more value. All service personnel of any John Deere dealer have passed the strict certification, and they can fully guarantee the after-sales service of wl53. John Deere also provides a standard one-year unlimited hour warranty for the whole machine, three-year or 6000 hour extended warranty for the engine and hydraulic system, and three-year or 10000 hour extended warranty for structural parts. These are very important Oh repair policies

John Deere is using the two wheel drive of products and services to build a user's small panel control system. The advantage lies in the control value community and development community of experimental machines, realizing the acceleration of product layout. John Deere has made new achievements in the layout of the mid-range market and seizing market opportunities

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