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See how Yuanyou heavy industry has changed

introduction: the market is changing rapidly, and Yuanyou heavy industry adheres to providing customized products and services for customers.

"every enterprise has its own rules and strengths. If it can survive, it must have its unique place, and the place recognized by customers and the market." In june2016, jiaoyumin, general manager of Shandong Yuanyou Heavy Industry Technology Co., Ltd. (hereinafter referred to as Yuanyou heavy industry), told the author. When talking about the market positioning of Yuanyou heavy industry, jiaoyumin said: "we mainly aim at some small and medium-sized customers in the market, who have high requirements for product customization, and the products are mainly used for highway construction."

Yuanyou heavy industry box station

the implementation of the national highway construction plan provides a good growth space for Yuanyou heavy industry. It is understood that the concrete mixing plant of Yuanyou heavy industry enjoyed a brisk production and sales in the first half of the year. As of June, the annual output value of last year has been completed. August and August are the traditional off-season for the construction machinery industry. However, in the production workshop of Yuanyou heavy industry, the workers are still busy, "others are on holiday, but we are working overtime."

customized products + services

Jiao Yumin attributed these to the customized advantages of the company's products. "All our product solutions are based on the perspective of customers with smooth lines of the C919 fuselage. We first communicate with customers, then let customers fully understand the products through three-dimensional factories and physical miniature models, and then send customers to the construction site for investigation and experience, so that they can see the finished products and use conditions of the products with their own eyes." Jiaoyumin said that one customer made a decision after seeing the asphalt mixing equipment at ten construction sites

Jiaoyumin, general manager of Yuanyou Heavy Industry Co., Ltd.

through all-round and three-dimensional services, fully tap customers' equipment needs and customize a set of equipment for customers, so as to not only satisfy customers themselves, but also potential customers around them, so as to become new customers of Yuanyou Heavy Industry Co., Ltd. In recent years, the market demand has been sluggish and the competition has become increasingly fierce, but the sales of Yuanyou heavy industry has not declined significantly

"once a user purchased 3 sets of equipment of Yuanyou heavy industry at one time, but the customer had not contacted the products of Yuanyou heavy industry before. He was interested in the cost performance advantages of Yuanyou heavy industry equipment." In Jiao Yumin's view, such customers are the objects that need to be maintained. "Not only does he buy many products, he can even become the business manager of the company." He then added that "at present, the number of new material parks in Shandong Province has grown to 23 and said," why do we take him as our business manager? It doesn't mean that we let him directly sell equipment, but that our products should be passed down by word of mouth among the user groups. The reputation of gold and silver is not as good as that of customers. " Jiaoyumin also believes that at the beginning of product design, we should take the customer's investment and return into full consideration and provide customized design for them

yangzhifang, chief engineer of Yuanyou heavy industry

among the three product lines of Yuanyou heavy industry, the performance of concrete mixing plant is eye-catching. As for the reasons behind this, yangzhifang, chief engineer of Yuanyou heavy industry, said: "the products have been recognized by users." Behind the simple answer is the value that the product can bring to users

the competition in the concrete industry has long been white hot, and the profit margin of the manufacturer has been reduced. Under this industry environment, Yuanyou heavy industry has launched a container type foundation free concrete mixing plant. This new type of equipment is especially suitable for short-term projects. It is used by customers who move frequently, and has created a record of completing the installation of double 180 stations and delivering them for trial use within ten days. It is understood that this product has become an important growth point of Yuanyou heavy industry in 2016

founded in 2000, Yuanyou heavy industry has been deeply engaged in the field of dry mixed mortar. As the fist product of Yuanyou heavy industry, the dry mixed mortar station has conquered many markets with outstanding cost performance advantages. Modular design is undoubtedly the main reason why this product is welcomed by users. The installation time of the dry mixed mortar station of Yuanyou Heavy Industry Co., Ltd. is no more than 45 days, and the installation is convenient, which reduces the operation cost of users. Yangzhifang said that in the dry mixed mortar industry, modular design is not an advanced technology, but Yuanyou heavy industry has taken the lead in this field by carrying out product modular design earlier, seizing the market opportunity and meeting users' needs for rapid product installation

Hunan Changsha Shunxin new building materials Co., Ltd. is an old customer of Yuanyou heavy industry. The company has high requirements in selecting equipment. After careful analysis and comparison of all domestic mortar products, it finally chose the dry mixing mortar equipment of Yuanyou heavy industry. "The equipment can not only meet the construction requirements, but also save energy and protect the environment, which exceeds the company's expectations and conforms to the company's equipment construction philosophy." In addition, the fast and convenient installation is also an important reason for them to choose Yuanyou heavy industry equipment

fast fish eat slow fish

yangzhifang clearly feels that the market competition is becoming more and more fierce. Some small enterprises can only rely on price war in the market because of the lack of technical content of their products, which has a great impact on the market share of medium and large manufacturers. "The price war in 2012 is not very obvious, but in 2015, the price war will be very serious, and the survival pressure of various manufacturers is too great." Yangzhifang said that this trend is still worsening. Some small construction enterprises cannot afford large-scale high-end equipment because of financial pressure, which also gives small enterprises room to survive in the market

the market environment is constantly changing, and enterprises are also 6 Saving experimental data is actively looking for a way out. Jiaoyumin talked about enterprise transformation. He said that at present, the state also advocates transformation and development, and does not allow enterprises to change careers. "The big economic environment is like this. It is the same to change careers." If the enterprise is not familiar with the new industry, it will cause a waste of resources. "Enterprises must be clear about what transformation is and how to transform?" Jiaoyumin said, "how can we achieve 'integration of industrialization and industrialization', 'interconnection +'? How can we extend and optimize the industrial chain? In the final analysis, the enterprise transformation should ultimately be implemented in the improvement of products and technologies."

low cost, high efficiency and high intelligence are the future transformation direction of yangzhifang. However, from the development level of the whole industry, the enterprise is still in the stage of talking on paper, and the pace of transformation obviously lags behind the assumption. Yangzhifang is no exception. He is still confused about how to transform. The main difficulty lies in that although the general direction of environmental protection and energy conservation has been determined and the preliminary market research has been done, it is still unable to determine which product to make. "What can be done to meet the users' needs for the safety of household appliances is already being done."

the current passive situation and confusion have brought yangzhifang a new understanding. He said that the current market competition is no longer the era when big fish eat small fish, but fast fish eat slow fish. This change has been particularly obvious since 2014. In 2012, the industry situation declined. In 2013, there was a small fluctuation, and the enterprises were also in a wait-and-see state. "But we are disappointed that there was no rebound in 2014, but a continuous decline." He said, "now the market changes too fast. As long as it is a good product, the enterprise responds quickly. If it can't keep up, it will be left behind."

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