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Speaking with market share, Zoomlion's 56m pump truck won the first innovation award of Hunan Province. Recently, the Hunan Science and Technology Award and Innovation Award conference was held in Changsha to commend the scientific and technological workers and innovation practitioners who have made outstanding contributions to promoting the innovation and development of Hunan Province. Dujiahao, Secretary of the provincial Party committee and director of the Standing Committee of the provincial people's Congress, xudazhe, deputy secretary of the provincial Party committee and governor, and liweiwei, chairman of the provincial CPPCC, attended the meeting and presented awards to the winning delegates

it is reported that Hunan Innovation Award, an award jointly recognized and rewarded by the provincial Party committee and the provincial government, was added to the award for the first time. The award covers four categories, including "scientific and Technological Innovation Award", "Product Innovation Award", "Cultural Innovation Award" and "management Innovation Award", with no more than 10 projects in each category. In the "Hunan provincial first innovation award criteria and list of objects to be commended" published by the Hunan provincial government station, the "high-precision and high-efficiency 56 meter concrete pump truck" developed by Zoomlion Heavy Industry Co., Ltd. ranked first in the "Product Innovation Award" list. In the afternoon of that day, Liuquan, supervisor of Zoomlion Heavy Industry Co., Ltd., wudezhi, director of Zoomlion concrete pumping Research Institute, etc. attended the meeting and received the award. "This is the crystallization of our R & D team!" On the occasion of winning the award, the number of overseas exhibitors and the exhibition area increased by 11.6% and 13.6% respectively compared with the previous session. Wu Dezhi expressed a lot of emotion when interviewed by Hunan and other media

in the R & D stage, the spirit of craftsman overcame difficulties and forged a high-quality pump truck

according to wudezhi, in order to meet the needs of customers, Zoomlion launched the 4.0 product upgrading strategy in 2015. Zoomlion Concrete Machinery Co., Ltd. targeted the 56m pump truck with the largest market coverage as the pilot product for upgrading, and transferred more than 10 core backbones from the market, technology, manufacturing, process, quality, service and other departments to form a research and development team to tackle key technical problems around pumping efficiency, fatigue life of structural parts, boom control, overall stability control and energy saving

"the reliability of structural parts is a key factor to determine the service life of pump truck." Introduction by wudezhi. In the past, the development path of pump trucks was to develop and manufacture products, sell them to customers, and then practice on the construction site; If there is any problem, it should be fed back to the manufacturing enterprise by the user after the actual operation. Now, in order to solve the problems and prolong the service life of the products, Zoomlion project team has proposed a fatigue life simulation method of pump truck structural parts based on virtual prototype for structural parts such as boom and underframe legs, which can predict the fatigue life of structural parts in the design stage and judge the weak position of fatigue life of components. Each weld of the structural member shall be classified and judged. The operating door cannot be opened for a long time. The welds of different quality levels correspond to different fatigue stress thresholds to ensure that each weld has the required fatigue life. Then, the field equivalent test shall be conducted

"in some places, if the expected service life is not reached, they will start from scratch, redesign, manufacture and experiment again until the goal is reached." Lixiang'an, the project team, disclosed to the media that in the winter of 2015, the test entered a critical period. It was necessary to simulate the workload of the pump truck for more than 10 years in more than 3 months, and work continuously every day. Several members of the project team took turns on duty

Kung Fu pays off. The test results of the field equivalent bench test show that the boom and underframe legs and other structural parts of the 56m boom concrete pump truck with fatigue optimization design have reached 450000 m3 without cracking. Dr. Liu has given detailed lectures on the three industry standards in terms of scope of application, classification, requirements, experimental methods and mark packaging, which have reached the advanced level in Europe

in addition to the "fatigue life of structural parts", this pump truck also carries out technical breakthroughs in the aspects of pumping efficiency, fatigue life of structural parts, boom control, overall stability control and energy saving

it has been put into the market and won praise repeatedly. Its market share has ranked first in the world.

nowadays, Zoomlion's high-precision and high-efficiency 56m concrete pump truck has made a breakthrough in terms of reliability, stability, maintainability, cost performance of accessories, system remote upgrade and other common problems in the industry: the high-precision, high-efficiency and high-pressure pumping system is equipped with a pumping efficiency higher than that of the industry, and the energy consumption is lower than that of the industry%; The boom active vibration reduction technology can control the boom end vibration within 200mm under all working conditions to ensure construction safety. The self-adaptive pumping control technology under all working conditions focuses on breaking through the pumpability of poor materials, effectively overcoming the common problem of "pickiness" in the pumping system, and reducing the pumping pipe plugging rate by 65%. At present, the product has 62 patents, including 41 invention patents, 18 utility model patents and 3 design patents

it is understood that in the recent national tour of 4.0 products held by Zoomlion, the pump truck with microcomputer closed-loop control was also highly praised. Many customers personally got on the car and praised the "tall" appearance and configuration of the vehicle. At present, the product has been sold to Anhui, Hubei, Shanghai, Guangdong, Jiangsu and northwest provinces and regions, with a cumulative sales volume of 2.12 billion yuan, and its market share ranks first in the world among similar products

according to the company's relevant project leader, in addition to the concrete pump truck products, the "key technology and application of 3200 ton crawler crane for nuclear power construction" project applied by Zoomlion won the second prize of Hunan Provincial Science and Technology Progress Award in 2016, and the "invention patent of high chromium cast iron, its thin-walled pipe fittings and the preparation method of the thin-walled pipe fittings" won the first prize of Hunan Provincial Patent Award in 2016, These three items were also commended and rewarded by the provincial government

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