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China's door market

I. Analysis and summary of the current situation of China's door market

1 Like other industries, in recent years, the competition among companies in various industries has become increasingly fierce, and the market has been further subdivided. All kinds of companies, large and small, have stepped on this stage to carve up the market and want to share in this competition

2. Among many door companies, the development of capacity, capital and other aspects of each company is uneven, and the capacity varies greatly

3. In the relatively fierce competition, further segmentation of the market and further improvement of market requirements, customers no longer only require the quality and safety of products, but also require the beauty, generosity, boldness and aesthetic concept of products

4. The door market is changing to the buyer's market, and the needs of customers become the first, and the requirements of customers are constantly updated and changed

5. Change of consumption concept in door industry

II. Problems that door enterprises need to improve

1 The blind state of investment, design and market development of some door companies. On the one hand, it pursues the further improvement of product quality not according to the market, and blindly carries out unplanned production according to the will of its own ideas; On the other hand, we unilaterally carry out our so-called advertising and marketing activities, which sometimes lead to the increase of product sales and the expansion of the market. However, this kind of expansion is only a short-term behavior. After the market reaches saturation, all the sticking points will emerge. At the same time, the blindness and non professionalism of other advertising activities have not played their due role. The outcome of this situation, first of all, product sales remain at a certain quantitative level, and it is difficult to further expand this volume; Secondly, the sales of products largely rely on a circle brought by familiar customer groups "and old customers" and their surrounding groups, while the expansion of new customer groups can not open the situation

2. Door companies have no good market positioning. What is the position of the company in the market? What are the fixed customer groups and potential customer groups? The mastery and utilization of these materials are not very good

3. Weak brand concept. The door industry can do well in a certain period of time and to a certain extent, but will it continue for a long time? Customers will get tired of a company's fixed products one day, and there are always competitors from behind in the market. In this case, how can the company achieve long-term development, survive in the market, and grow? How to be the first and second place in the market forever, and how to be "imposing in all directions"

4. The R & D cycle of new products is long and their adaptability to the market is weak. In this way, the research and development of new products cannot keep up with the steps of market development

5. The blindness, one sidedness, unplanned and long-term persistence of advertising activities

although most companies attach importance to the effectiveness of advertising, they have not found a more accurate entry point for advertising in the door market, and have not helped enterprises form a unified image in the minds of consumers

III. suggestions on door market operation

1 Market repositioning

in this case, the company should be repositioned to form a new operation concept, and explore and develop a new market

2. Brand

the ultimate return path of the company's development is to build products and companies into brands, and gradually form brand effects and scale effects. For example, Guangdong heshijia indoor door is a good example

3. Cooperation

find strong partners to cooperate (including advertising companies, real estate companies, marketing companies and even door companies) in order to achieve resource sharing, win-win and long-term development

4. Market publicity

brand new packaging of products to ensure the effectiveness and pertinence of advertising activities, and special market promotion of characteristic products

5. Speed up the research and development of new products

speed up the development and promotion of new products, adapt to and lead the pace of market development

6. Long term development strategy

after careful market analysis and investigation, with the assistance of professional companies, introduce CI (enterprise identification system), find out and establish their own corporate culture, and form a good development environment and operation mechanism





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