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On July 8, the high-profile Fuxuan doors and windows 2015 annual Brand Summit officially opened. The whole day's summit is composed of three parts: Fuxuan dealer training, Fuxuan marketing strategy publicity and dinner, and all links are wonderful

the Fuxuan Brand Summit was brilliant

on July 8, 2015, the highly anticipated Fuxuan doors and windows 2015 annual Brand Summit officially opened. The whole day's summit was composed of three parts: Fuxuan dealer training, Fuxuan marketing strategy publicity and dinner. All links were wonderful, and guests were presented with a multiple feast of Fuxuan knowledge, skills and feelings

Brand Summit site

excellent host

at about 9 a.m., Li Chang'an, chairman of Fuxuan, made a wonderful speech, which kicked off the summit. Then Ning Liang, honorary Dean of Fuxuan business school, made a speech. He explained the establishment and operation planning of Fuxuan business school from all aspects of theory and practice, and affirmed the development of Fuxuan. Subsequently, the topics brought by the distinguished professor, such as "easily creating a miracle of store sales" and "hardware upgrading of terminal stores", led to the climax of dealer training in the morning

chairman lichang'an's speech

Ning Liang, honorary Dean of Fuxuan business school, made a speech

distinguished professor gave lectures on site

during the lunch break, dealers in uniform took a group photo to take a souvenir, and recorded the beautiful moment with photos. "Our goal is to help national bosses achieve annual sales of one million and help ourselves realize value." At about 14:00, the team display team composed of Fuxuan employees came to the stage with neat steps. Their loud slogans and full spirit won the praise and applause of the audience. Subsequently, the Fuxuan product architecture system and many other new product publicity, which were personally taught by the chairman of Fuxuan doors and windows, were explained in easy to understand language. The whole audience had a cordial exchange like family members, and bursts of applause broke out on the scene from time to time

group photo of the summit

team presentation at the summit

shaping the brand and imparting experience

it is understood that in order to accelerate the marketing development of Fuxuan doors and windows in the new era of the Internet, Fuxuan brand, which paid attention to online promotion as early as 2012, will enter o2o mode and wechat marketing at full speed. The summit also specially invited the senior manager of to give lectures on site to help the dealer team achieve rapid growth through the network

Fuxuan online marketing class

at the award ceremony of Fuxuan's annual excellent dealers, Fuxuan stores from 15 different places in Hubei, Jiangxi, Fujian, Shandong, Chongqing, Sichuan, Yunnan, Xinjiang and Guangdong won the best brand potential award, Cooperation Award and achievement award of Fuxuan doors and windows 2014-2015. They set an example for the development and expansion of Fuxuan with practical actions and won everyone's recognition, At the same time, the principals of the franchised stores who won the achievement award also showed their "housekeeping skills" and taught a lot of valuable experience in operation and management on the spot

Cooperation Award winners receive awards on stage

Cooperation Award winners receive trophies

Fuxuan doors and windows 2014-2015 potential award winners receive awards on stage

potential award winners receive trophies

achievement award winners receive Awards on stage

achievement award winners receive trophies

preferential policies, rising atmosphere

continuous investment contracts at brand summits

in addition, in order to give back the support and trust of new and old customers to Fuxuan, The summit also launched many preferential policies for investment promotion and franchise store operation. In the face of unprecedented huge concessions, many dealers rushed to seize the opportunity to sign up, and the atmosphere was once high. At 6:00 p.m. on the 8th, the summit dinner was held in Foshan Jiayi International Hotel on time. Fuxuan dealers, suppliers, well-known media representatives and special guests gathered together to share the summit dinner. Creative zither dance, song burning, interactive games, Andy Lau and Nicholas Tse imitation show, clown performance, stage and off stage collective chorus and other programs have ignited the passion of the audience again and again, especially in the solo session of Liu Lixiang, a dealer of Chongqing Fuxuan franchise store, whose song "the moon sends Acacia" has won the continuous appreciation of the audience

Fuxuan dealers all over the country gathered together for a singing party of "Andy Lau"

group photo with "Andy Lau"

group photo with "Nicholas Tse"

finally, the dinner ended in a sign language performance of "grateful heart" by Fuxuan employees, with touching songs and sincere performances, expressing gratitude for being reunited with Fuxuan family and growing and progressing together with Fuxuan team. "In the future, Fuxuan will base itself on the market with better products, faster development and better services. I believe that at a new starting point, Fuxuan's future will be brighter and brighter." Lichang'an, chairman of Fuxuan doors and windows, said, and the applause was endless

the atmosphere at the party was warm





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