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Small details of water tank purchase

faucet water tank

how to purchase water tank faucet comparison - purchase - Experience: introduction to the purchase method of water tank faucet. The following content is sorted out by the small mill of Heli group purchase network and provided for your reference. The sink faucet is known as the heart of the kitchen. In frequent use, you need to choose one that can wash smoothly and is durable for a long time

mainstream material: stainless steel sink is widely praised for its fashionable appearance, easy to match with other kitchenware, wear resistance, oil stain resistance, corrosion resistance and easy cleaning

large double tank shape: from vegetables, melons and fruits to frying pans and pressure cookers, large capacity is the basic requirement of the tank. At present, the depth of the sink is generally more than 20cm, so it is not easy to splash out when washing. Food and kitchen utensils are washed separately in double tanks, which is also the standard choice for more and more families. Those luxurious sinks with drainage boards are also strongly pursued by people who pay attention to the quality of life

process treatment: high quality water tanks are often formed by high-quality stainless steel or CNC resistance welding, and the surface is covered with sand blasting coating or wire drawing treatment, which is beautiful and firm without deformation

details: anti overflow holes can be avoided " Water overflows the golden mountain " Occurrence of phenomena; The moisture-proof coating can prevent the generated water vapor from flowing down the basin wall into the kitchen cabinet

2mm thick hot baking silencer can reduce the sound of water flow and tank contact, which is quiet and pleasant

stainless steel filter downcomer can effectively filter and wash dirt and prevent the downcomer from blocking; PP downpipe is not only resistant to high temperature and freezing, but also odor and blockage

Langhua faucet

pulemei sink

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