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In the past, people always used to measure the size after getting the new house key, then contact the design company, and then wait for the renderings, watch the renderings and choose furniture. Now more and more people no longer follow this order, but choose the furniture first, and then decide the layout and overall style of the new home. Consumers who adopt this "flip flop" decoration procedure are mainly small apartment owners. With the help of designers, they skillfully integrate decoration, soft decoration and furniture to create a calm and unique home environment

seeing the big from the small establishes the overall style

at present, consumers have a certain understanding of European, Chinese, rural and other decoration styles, but most people cannot accurately express the details when they really want to determine the specific characteristics of these styles. Therefore, in the actual decoration, it is easy to lead to the situation that repeated design modifications cannot satisfy consumers

if the furniture is selected first, the designer can have a definite aim according to the furniture style selected by the owner, which helps the designer fully understand the home style desired by the owner, and also helps the designer integrate the hard decoration and soft decoration with the furniture preferred by the owner in the design process, so as to tailor the scheme with harmonious and unified style

it is conducive to overall planning and saving construction expenses

many people may have the experience that it is very generous to buy building materials in the decoration construction stage, and only when you need to buy furniture after decoration can you find that you are in a tight pocket. Therefore, choosing furniture first can coordinate the overall cost expenditure, so as to allocate funds reasonably and reduce some unnecessary expenses. In addition, after selecting the furniture, the specific size and placement of the furniture can be basically determined, so as to increase the utilization rate of space, so that there is a clear idea when carrying out circuit transformation and setting sockets, so as to avoid waste

look ahead and check the details in person

after getting the key of the new house, the owner must have an accurate grasp of the spatial data of each room. In addition, the data changes caused by ground leveling, tiling, water and electricity transformation should be fully taken into account in advance

therefore, before visiting the furniture city, you need to prepare a card digital camera or a mobile phone with good photo taking effect, a box of tape measure, notebook and pen. Take photos after seeing the furniture you like, which is not only convenient for you to compare, but also for designers to refer to. If there is length, width and height data on the promotional page of this furniture, it is the best. If not, measure it with a tape measure and record it in a book. When choosing furniture, it's best to ask the designer to see the real object. He will provide you with some professional advice and have a deeper understanding of your needs. When the furniture is basically determined, give the taken photos and furniture dimensions to the designer, so that he can better create a comfortable space for you

grasp the active design compliance hobby

in order to let the designer know his intention, you can also take him to a favorite furniture store. In this way, the designer can accurately grasp the owner's hobbies and styles, so as to effectively avoid the differences in understanding caused by poor communication

experts also suggest that the scientific decoration mode is that owners should first look at the style and color of furniture, and then do design and decoration. On the one hand, designers can understand the home style of the owners through furniture and design works that appeal to the owners; On the other hand, designers can ensure the perfect combination of furniture and decoration style. The owners will not fall into the embarrassment of being unable to start with the dazzling array of goods in the furniture mall after the decoration of the new house. Even many owners can only choose the furniture they don't like in order to match the style of the new house





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